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Best Products for Naturally Curly Hair

Our favorite tried-and-true products to combat frizzy hair


Curly hair can be tricky to take care of. In all sorts of weather it can frizz up on you, soaking up the moisture from the environment. But there are amazing curly hair products on the market today including treatments, shampoos, conditioners and masks. I share them below. In the meantime, don't forget when drying hair after applying product, squeeze (never rub) curls with a towel or paper towel and be sure to use a diffuser when using a blow dryer. Dry hair on the lowest speed setting.

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Best At-Home Frizz Fighter: Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

Keratin complex smoothing treatment

You won't find a better at-home straightening product than this one. While many women with frizzy, curly hair depend on Japanese or Brazilian straightening methods, others are turning to Keratin Complex to get similar results at home. It eliminates up to 95 percent of frizz and curl and is supposed to cut drying time in more than half. The only downside is the price. At $300, it's costly, but cheaper than a salon treatment. [p] "It deposits a coating of keratin and silicone, which is then heat processed to lock the hair into a smooth, straight appearance," says cosmetics chemist Jim Hammer to InStyle Magazine. "It won't make curly hair pin-straight, but I've seen the results, and it does significantly improve manageability."

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Best Shampoo for Curly Hair: Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin

Kerastase has the best products in our opinion for curly hair. Their Nutritive Bain Elasto-Curl Shampoo is praised by beauty experts for its intense moisturizing properties. It will soften coarse, curly hair while enhancing your natural curl without letting it get frizzy on you.
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Best Conditioner: Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense conditioner

For conditioners, go the Kerastase route again, with its Nutritive Masquintense conditioner.

Best Styling Cream: Ojon Conditioning Finishing Paste

Creams are a must for calming flyaways while boosting shine. We love Ojon Conditioning Finishing Paste. This product works great on dry hair. Simply rub a bit between your hands then palm over your curly hair.
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Best Shampoo for Curly Hair: Deva Curl No-Poo and Lo-Poo

 My curly-haired friends swear by Deva Curl's No Poo and Lo Poo shampoos. These shampoos contain no sulfates, so they won't lather. But this also means there's no bad ingredients to dry out your curls even further. Try the Lo Poo if you have curly hair that's not too dehydrated. The No Poo has no lathering capabilities at all, but will cleanse the hair and scalp while not stripping it of natural oils.

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Best Diffuser for Curly Hair: Deva Curl's Diffuser for the Hair Dryer

When you have curly hair, you may find the hair dryer can be your enemy. Too much heat and you get frizz. But now there's an entire industry around maintaining healthy curls and the industry is lead by Deva Curl. This diffuser can be put on the end of hair dryers (I prefer ionic dryers because the drying time is cut in half) and coaxes the perfect ringlets out of hair.

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Best Shine Serum: Neutrogena Triple Moisture Healing Shine Serum

Smooth frizz & flyaways with a great shine serum. A great less-expensive project (about $6) is Neutrogena Triple Moisture Healing Shine Serum.

Best Relaxing Balm: PhytoDefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm

Another great way to tame coarse, flyaway hair is to use a relaxing balm. You'll love these lightweight textures that won't leave hair feeling greasy: PhytoDefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm. This relaxing balm is considered a must-have in every stylist's kit, according to InStyle magazine's 'Best Beauty Buys' 2006 issue.
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Best Repair Masque: Senscience Inner Restore Intensif Deep Repairing Masque

According to the company's Website, this deep repairing mask is "enriched with Shiseido Laboratories's exclusive blend of silicone emulsions to replenish moisture and key amino acids that promote healthy hair. Polymeric conditioners and humectants provide exceptional slip to hair while balancing hair’s moisture level." [p] I hear nothing but good things about this mask from friends with curly hair.

"Best Darm Curl Cremes Period": Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding

Touted as the "best curl cremes period", Miss Jessie's takes frizzy hair and turns it into perfect coiled waves and curls. My friends with naturally wavy (read: frizzy) hair swear by this creme. Put a small amount in your palm and work it through hair before air-drying or blow-drying with a diffuser on the lowest heat and speed setting possible. Infused with macadamia and sweet almond oil for a fragrant scent.

Best Styling Creme: Living Proof No Frizz Wave Shaping, Curl Defining Cream

This velvety cream is perfect for medium to thick hair, also good for color-treated hair. Place a quarter-size amount in your hand and then palm product onto hair before drying or using heat appliances or comb through hair and let air-dry, separating curls as hair dries. This velvety cream stops frizzing while conditioning dry hair. This product creates a thin humidity barrier and holding polymers to keep curls in place.



Intense Moisture: Aveda's Dry Remedy

If you have super dry, coarse hair that needs intense moisture, Aveda's Dry Remedy was created just for you. Aveda's one of my favorite brands, but I have oily hair so I wasn't going to touch this stuff with a 10-foot pole. Instead, I gave the Aveda Dry Remedy shampoo, conditioner and masque to a friend with coarse, curly hair. A couple weeks and a few shampoos later and she was hooked. She reports it's not too heavy, softened her curls and it's good for the environment. She particularly loved the masque.

Keep in mind that if your hair is fried, there's nothing short of a haircut that can save you. Conditioning masques are great for naturally dry hair, but can't do much for hair that's been overprocessed or is suffering from massive split ends.
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