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Do You Really Need to "Rinse and Repeat" When You Shampoo?


Do You Really Need to
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Question: Do You Really Need to "Rinse and Repeat" When You Shampoo?

Answer: I challenge you to find a shampoo bottle that doesn't contain the directions to "rinse and repeat" (or some version of that). I've always wondered if companies put that on the back to get you to use more shampoo.

So should you rinse and repeat? Maybe.

If you have short hair, a good initial wash will do you. If you have long or really thick hair (like me), a second coat may be optimal.

I have to wash my hair twice because it's very thick but fine. I focus on my scalp with my initial shampoo, scrubbing it in a circular motion to ensure I get it as clean as possible. I then rinse and apply a second dollop of shampoo to the back of my head focusing on the rest of my hair.

The key is to make sure hair is really wet before you apply shampoo. And you should ensure you rinse your hair thoroughly of shampoo and conditioner when you're done.
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