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Fragrances That Make You Look Ten Pounds Thinner

Your Magic Weight Loss Secret May Come in a Perfume Bottle


Coco Perfume for Women by Chanel

Scientists say that spicy-floral fragrances such as Coco Perfume for Women by Chanel can make you look 10 pounds thinner

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Want to look skinny instantly? Believe it or not, your magic weight loss solution may come in a fragrance bottle!

We all know that perfumes can evoke emotions - but now scientists are saying that certain scents can change people's perceptions of our body size. A recent study by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation claims that wearing a spicy-floral fragrance can make a woman appear 12 pounds thinner to men than she actually is.

“It acts as the olfactory equivalent to vertical lines,” explained Alan Hirsch, a neurologist at the Foundation, referencing a popular fashion dictum that vertical stripes are visually slimming, while horizontal stripes add pounds.

So next time you're feeling bloated, put on your skinny jeans anyway - just pair them with a spritz of spicy-floral perfume. Who knew!

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