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Victoria Beckham Hair


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Victoria Beckham's Cool Short Shag
Victoria Beckham Hair

Another view of Victoria Beckham's hairstyle

Toby Canham // Getty Images
I particularly love this asymmetrical cut, debuted in May, 2010.

Why it works: This cut is unique, drawing attention to Beckham's great bone structure.

Would it work for you? It's perfect for wavy hair because you can let it air dry and the layers allow the hair the funky flips in every direction.

What to ask for at the salon: Show the stylist this picture and ask for a "graduated bob." This means the back is shorter than the front by about an inch-and-a-half to two inches and the hair runs along the jawline. If you have naturally wavy hair, you will want to make sure your stylist takes into consideration that your hair will have shrinkage as it dries. It's good to cut an inch longer than expected when hair is wet. The stylist can always trim after hair dries. Note that the layers at the crown are about 6 inches and there are long layers in the back, for a "stacked" look.

The secret to this cut: The stacked layering in the back is what makes this cut. There's also a bit of wispiness going on which is super modern. You could mimic this cut by scrunching hair as it air dries.

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