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Victoria Beckham's Hairstyles Over the Years


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From Long to Short to Long Again
Victoria Beckham's Hairstyles Over the Years

Victoria Beckham hairstyles over the years

Getty: Dimitrios Kambouris, MJ Kim, Jon Furniss

If there ever was a hairstyle chameleon it would be Victoria Beckham. In this gallery, I share her hairstyle transformations over the years. You'll see her as a Spice Girl getting a new taste of fame, to life as the wife of a famous footballer and mother. You'll see her on runways as a model and on red carpets as a businesswoman. She's been an "It Girl" and is now a well-renowned fashion designer whose Fashion Week runways the current "It Girls" scramble to attend.

You'll also see her tanned skin phase, you might be able to note the year her bust expanded and you'll wonder how she birthed 4 kids in so many years while remaining skinny (and youthful) as ever.

One thing's for sure, while many singers and actresses from the 90s have watched their fame diminish, Beckham's career remains vibrant. She has spent 20 years in front of the camera lens, which has documented her super short hair moments, her super long hair moments and a lot of lengths (and colors) in between. You'll see it all here.

 Let's start with her Spice Girl years, in 1997....

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