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Golden Globes 2009: Best and Worst Red Carpet


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Worst of the Golden Globes Red Carpet -- Jennifer Lopez
Golden Globes 2009: Best and Worst Red Carpet

Jennifer Lopez

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Everything about Jennifer Lopez's skin and face looks ga-ga-ga-gorgeous. She's tanned and radiant, even though that bun is too tight.

But follow the lines of her body and you will see a slight muffin top. This is not altogether bad -- a few extra pounds on the red carpet is actually a good thing -- but here Lopez appears to be channeling the Dress That Made Her Famous, and as an esteemed colleague of mine said, "It's not 1999."

Now I am not a fan of the sickly thin (fellow new-mother-of-twins Angelina Jolie looks like a Goth bobblehead with boobs these days), but Lopez should have stuck to something a bit more safe for this red carpet.

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