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Emmys 2008 Red Carpet Best and Worst


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Emmys Best and Worst Fashion: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Emmys 2008 Red Carpet Best and Worst

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Most fashion red carpet judges probably think Jennifer Love Hewitt needs to fire her stylist. What did her friends and handlers say when she came out of the salon? "You look GOR-geous?" Did nobody tell her maybe it would be a good idea to call in sick to the Emmys? Did JLH not look at herself and realize she was destined for the "Worst" lists? After all, in this hairstyle her face looks twice as long as it is wide.

But I think JLH was smart here. She knew that to get attention, she had to take a risk. It's wild, kinda weird, but would she had made this list if she played it safe on the Emmys red carpet? Nope.

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