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Emmys 2012 Best & Worst Beauty


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A Best: Julie Bowen
Emmys 2012 Best & Worst Beauty

Julie Bowen

Frazer Harrison // Getty Images
See who looked hot (Sofia Vergara) and who did not (hello, January Jones!) at this year's Emmy Awards. Let's start with one of my favorite beauties on this year's red carpet: Julie Bowen.

There's was a lot of talk about all the bright dresses on the Emmy red carpet this year (you'll see another one coming up) but I love this one on Bowen, who looks young and fresh here. The curls work well on her and I love the smokey eyes. "Julie always looks good with a smokey eye," says makeup artist Heather Currie in People Magazine. Currie is the artist behind Bowen's look and People reports she used a mix of black, gray and chocolate shadows to create it.

See more half-up/half-down hairstyles and find out How To Get Smokey Eyes.

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