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Why Some Perfumes are So Expensive


Why Some Perfumes are So Expensive

Question: Why Some Perfumes are So Expensive

Answer: My favorite scent, Bond No. 9's "Scent of Peace", costs upwards of $120. It's true. It's absolutely ridiculous, and I justify the price based on how much each spritz costs me. Right now we're averaging about a dime a spritz and it's worth it.

Typically, extraordinarily pricey perfumes are expensive because their ingredients are rare, not because the branding is so posh. But this isn't always the case. When you buy a perfume you might be paying for one of a few things:

  1. The wonderful, amazing, rare ingredients. Some perfumes contain rare flower petals or the essence of a rare root (think tuberose and jasmine, both quite pricey). Others have synthetic ingredients that are hard (or at least expensive) to make. My assumption is the rare flower in Scent of Peace grows in the northernmost region of a remote island off the coast of Anguilla. My guess is it takes a sherpa, a strong paddler and a very dainty sack to bring back the blossom that grows between two particular rocks and can be plucked only in January. The scent feels that fresh to me. And that's really what counts.
  2. The marketing. Some companies spend millions to market a perfume that's hard to sell. You are the one paying for that marketing in the end.
  3. The packaging. Perfumers know that it takes pretty packaging for a product to stand out. And this can cost $$$. For the record, I'm not into Scent of Peace's purple bottle at all, but whatever.

Unfortunately, it's hard to figure out if you're paying for the marketing or the rare materials. Ingredients that are easier to come by or most synthetic fragrances cost a lot less.

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