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How to Get Rid of Deodorant Stains

All you need is one simple staple from your closet



Use gym socks for deodorant stains

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You did it again. Applied the deodorant before you pulled on your tight t-shirt, the one that hugs your curves just right and now has two rather hideous deodorant schmears running along the front of it. So what to do?

I have a tried-but-true fix-it tip I got from an actress (courtesy of a fashion magazine): Reach into your sock drawer, grab a sock -- preferably a cotton sock -- and rub out the schmear.

I tried this recently in a Theory store while trying on the cutest, swingingest little black dress they had. I got deodorant on it and thank goodness I had a sock with me (rarely do I have socks with me) and the deodorant came right off. I was very pleased as I did not want to deliver said dress back to nice salesperson with a Degree schmear.

Don't have a sock? Rub any fabric along the schmear. It doesn't work as well as a cotton sock, but should do the trick. Whatever you do, do not try to wipe off schmear with paper towels dunked in water. I tried this twice and got bits of paper towel all over my shirt. Water never works with deodorant stains, while the stain appears to have disappeared at first, once the water dries the deodorant shows up again.

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