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How to Choose a Wedding Perfume

Tips on Selecting Wedding Perfumes


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Choose the perfect perfume for your wedding day

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You've got the dress and planned your makeup look - but have you picked your perfume? Here are some tips for choosing the perfect wedding fragrance for your special day.

Something Old or Something New?

This is the first question a bride faces when it comes to her bridal fragrance. Should she wear a new perfume chosen just for that special day, or stick with a treasured favorite scent?

If you're a traditionalist - maybe you're wearing your mother's wedding gown, or you don't believe in all the wedding "hype" - you may choose to stick with a tried-and-true scent. You may reason that your man fell in love with you wearing that fragrance, and you want to smell like "you" at your wedding.

Many brides, though, do prefer to select a new and special perfume for their walk down the aisle. You might think of your wedding fragrance as a special token of that magical day, just like your brand-new, wear-only-once wedding dress. And since scent is powerfully linked to memory, you - and your husband - will be able to forever evoke those wedding memories in just a single sniff.

Choosing Your Wedding Scent

If you've chosen to wear a new-to-you perfume on your wedding day, the next step is narrowing down your options. Does your wedding have a theme, you could choose a complementary fragrance. For instance, if you've planned a destination wedding on a tropical beach, you might choose a fruity-floral scent, or one with marine notes.

For those marrying closer to home, consider the impression you want to make on your wedding day. What words come to mind when you imagine yourself at the altar? Those keywords - happy, serene, romantic, confident, pretty, etc - can help you in your wedding fragrance search.

A word of caution: Will you be carrying real flowers down the aisle? The scent of your perfume could clash with your bouquet. If the blooms are fragrant (such as roses or freesia), consider skipping perfume for the ceremony. Save it for the reception instead.

Finally, unless you are very confident that your hubby-to-be will love your choice, give him a chance to smell the scent in advance of your big day. You don't want to find out after the event that your husband thought you were beautiful, but smelled just like his great aunt Mary.

Wedding Perfume Suggestions

Consult our list of the Top 10 Wedding Perfumes for suggestions on fragrances to wear on your special day.

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