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What is the best foundation for Asian skin?


What is the best foundation for Asian skin?
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If you have Asian skin you may wonder what foundation is best for your skin type. I've done the research and found the answers. Here you go:

Yellow-Based Foundations Work Best

If you have Asian skin, you should choose a foundation with a yellow base, as opposed to a pink base. 

"I've experimented with countless foundations over the years and I've found that yellow-toned foundations always look the most natural -- especially on Asian skin," beauty expert Bobbi Brown wrote in her book, Makeup Manual.

One Foundation Does Not Fit All

One type or brand of foundation won't fit all Asian skin. Some women suffer from oily skin, others have combination skin (oily in the T-zone, dry everywhere else), others have acne they want to cover up, still others have super dry skin.

Check out my article, How To Pick the Perfect Foundation Makeup, for more direction on choosing the right foundation for your skin type.

How to Find Your Perfect Shade

When it comes to picking out a shade, test colors by placing them on your jawline. Check out the results in natural light. If the foundation disappears, you've found a winner. You may need a different shade in winter from your summer shade and consider a lighter formula in hotter months.

Try a Custom Blended Foundation

I love foundations that are custom blended for my skin tone. Several department stores offer this. The makeup artist will blend the perfect formula for you (keep in mind you may need a different shade for summer and one for winter).

BB Creams are All the Rage

BB creams have been popular in Asian countries for awhile now but have only become popular in Europe and in the US in the past couple of years. They are popular because they multi-task: you get a sheer wash of color from the tint, plus moisturizer and sun protection.

If you have relatively good skin, a BB cream is the way to go. You can slather it on and skip sunscreen, moisturizer and foundation.

Get the full scoop on them in What Is BB Cream?

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