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Does Pore-Minimizing Makeup Work?

Or, How I Fell in Love With Dr. Brandt's Pores No More


Does Pore-Minimizing Makeup Work?

Sitting down in front of Dr. Brandt, the Baron of Botox, at Henri Bendel here in Manhattan, I knew the news wouldn't be good. So far my skin (which I had always been so proud of because for years I assumed good skin meant no pimples) had been evaluated by some of the top skincare docs in the country and all had deemed it, well.... imperfect. Far from it.

During my consult with Sonya Dakar, she had about 7 boxes she could check off representing various skin problems. These were not good words next to the boxes like, 'Rosy cheeks', 'Dewy complexion,' 'Cute spray of freckles.' The words were bad. There was sun damage, dryness and I think premature aging among others. I got about 4 checks. Great. And to think all this time I thought I just suffered from a bit of rosacea.

Dr. Dennis Gross took one look at my skin and nailed it: Oily AND dry, he also tagged the rosacea. Great. More issues to add on top of the sun damage and premature aging. And here I'd thought after months of trying everyone's miracle products my skin would be deemed perfect.

I had no such expectations by the time I sat across from Dr. Brandt. As a seasoned beauty editor I knew to expect some sort of diagnosis from these junkets. Otherwise how would they sell the products they were touting that day? Seasoned editor or no, I was thrilled to finally meet the Baron.

"Oh I love meeting all you famous dermatologists!" I said to Dr. Brandt, in my very 'oh-so-friendly-yes-I-grew-up-in-Texas' way. He'd just sat down across from me and was busy plopping a mint in his mouth, offering me one and simultaneously waving to various perfectly coiffed women who happened (so ta-ta-ta!) by. Yes, he seemed to know everyone. I craned my neck looking for Madonna. Yes, she is his client.

Rule #1 when you meet famous dermatologists: Don't name-drop other famous dermatologists & their skin care products you 'Love, love, love!'. I've done it twice now and it just doesn't seem to sit right with them.

While Dr. Brandt was tut-tutting to the socialites happening by (still no Madonna), I glanced to my right at the pyramid of products sitting on the table with the word "Poreless" stamped all over them. In all my many skincare consultations, I had forgotten one major skin flaw of mine -- crater-like pores & I was ready to expose and embrace them in a "I called my skin flaws before you did Dr. Brandt" way!

Rule #2 when you meet famous dermatologists: Don't bother calling your flaws before they do. You run the risk of them one-upping you with MORE flaws you hadn't discovered.

"Oh my!" I exclaimed, grabbing Dr. Brandt's attention back to me, me, me. "I have HUGE ... IMMENSE ... PORES. Are you telling me that with this product, I could become....poreless?

Rule #3 when you meet famous dermatologists: They love, love, love it when you drool over their products.

And this my friends is how I came to discover and become obsessed with Dr. Brandt's Pores No More. Finally, you say, finally she's gotten to the point of this article.

Off popped a cap and onto the apple of my left cheek (just where the pores are most humongous) went Pores No More. All the while Dr. Brandt clucking away about how it worked. Just so you know, it all went in one ear and out the other, just like most scientific facts do with me.

I have to admit I was skeptical until he handed me a mirror. After all, how could a product tout it could make you poreless? Miraculously, the pores on the left side of my face had shrunk. I wasn't poreless, but I certainly wasn't craterlike anymore.

I gushed and asked how it worked and he told me and it all went in one ear and out the other, then I was scooted off to be worked on by one of this assistants. But trust me folks. It works. I bought the stuff.

Extra note: I have done research on how pore-minimizing makeup works. As is my promise to you, I refuse to reprint mumbo-jumbo markety-speak that doesn't mean a thing to me and won't to you. But this is what I've found out about pore-minimizers:

1. No, they don't shrink pores. They won't get rid of them either. But they will make them appear smaller.

2. How does it work? 'Silicone polymers lay down a breathable film on the skin that fills in and smooths out the pore's surface,' said Scott Miselnicky in O Magazine. Miselnicky is the director of global makeup product development at Clinique. Some formulas, like Brandt's 'Poreless,' use optical diffusers making pores appear less noticeable.

3. While Dr. Brandt says his 'Pores No More' will actually clean out pores, I've read you should use makeup remover to cleanse skin since many of these products are resilient to soap and water.


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