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Self Tanner Tips and Tricks

Here's how to fake a great tan.

Which Self Tanners Work Best?
Ever since a bronzed Coco Chanel came back from a Mediterranean vacation in the 1920s and made the tan the hottest fashion accessory, women have been going ga-ga over golden skin. Now that we know the No. 1 cause of wrinkles is sun damage, fewer people are laying out to get bronzed, instead relying on bottles and spray tans to color their...

Self tanner -- Which self tanners work best?
Self tanner -- Which self tanners work best? Here are the best self tanner products on the market. These self tanners give you great color without turning you orange.

How to Tan Your Skin Safely
To tan or not to tan, that is the debate. Doctors now seem to agree that some sun is actually great for your skin, giving you needed Vitamin D naturally. So here's my guide to tanning your skin safely.

How to Fake a Summer Tan
Here we offer 5 tips for the perfect fake tan. Advice on salons & spas for professional spray tans, how to get it right on your face & body & what to do if you mess up.

Why Do Fake Tanners Smell?
Why do self-tanners & fake tanners smell? Actually, when self-tanners were new, they did smell. Find out why & why these days they don't have the terrible odors they once did.

How to Fix a Streaky Tan from Self-Tanner
Uh-oh, your self-tanning effort has resulted in orange streaks. Don't worry, you're not stuck looking like a candy corn. These tips will erase the orange streaks in mere minutes.

Self-Tanners and Dark Spots on Skin
Self-Tanners and Dark Spots on Skin

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