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Is it OK to Wear Blue Eyeshadow?


Is it OK to Wear Blue Eyeshadow?
Gregor Schuster//Getty Images

Remember the old days when beauty editors and experts swore off blue eyeshadow (in fact, we had an article on this site that called jewel-toned blue eyeshadow a 'no-no')? Not anymore.

Deep jewel colors continue to be trendy and blue is the hottest shade of them all. It also looks gorgeous with all eye colors.

Even better news! According to the Ladies Home Journal March, 2006, issue, makeup companies have come up with a new way to compress more pigment than ever into their eye shadows. Now you can pick a shade that looks the same on your eyelids as it does through the plastic cover on the container. In the past, shadows went on lighter or in some cases, muddier. Not anymore. Now you can buy without fear of hating the color.

Just remember when applying deeply-hued shadows to blend well and keep the rest of your makeup light.

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