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Top 9 Curling Irons

We tried and tested the best curling irons on the market


Standing in the aisle of a store looking at the vast number of curling irons can prove daunting. How to know which ones won't break, won't damage hair and will work the fastest? We've done the work for you, researching the best curling irons on the market. You'll find the pricey curling irons the pros love and the more affordable curling irons that won't break or break your bank.

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1. The Pro Favorite: Hot Tools Brand Curling Irons

Another "best beauty buy" pick from InStyle magazine for several years straight, these quick-heating, golden-barreled irons are the professional's favorite. Each iron comes with a temperature gauge allowing you to turn up the heat for coarser hair, turned down for finer hair. $28-$38.
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2. The Curling Iron that Will Last a Lifetime -- Rusk Spring Curling Iron

Rusk makes some of the best spring curling irons around. Pick from a number of barrel sizes for less than $100.
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3. A Rotating Barrel! Beachwaver by Sarah Potempa

If you like beachy waves but hate the work it involves, this iron with rotating barrel may be your best bet. This iron actually does the work for you, rotating your hair onto the barrel toward your scalp. You can work hair in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, depending on which side you're curling. This was an Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Buy for 2013.


4. Best for Beachy Waves: The T3 SinglePass™ 'Whirl' Styling Wand

There is no better curling iron for beachy waves than a clampless iron and the T3 is a beauty editor and blogger favorite. The barrel is tapered so you get a fat curl near the crown and a tighter curl near the ends. This curling iron also comes with gloves to protect your fingers from burn.

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5. A Great Basic Curling Iron: Conair Ceramic Tools 1-1/2" Spring Curl

You can create soft, sexy waves with a 1 1/4-inch curling iron. This ceramic iron emits ions, eliminates frizz, has 25 heat settings and well, all you need to know is it's perfect for creating waves. Ceramic curling irons are relatively new, they work faster because they help heat penetrate your hair shaft more quickly and evenly.

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6. Best Curling Iron for Curly Curls: Revlon Perfect Heat 3/4 Styling Iron

For tight ringlets, you'll want a barrel that's on the small side. We love this 3/4-inch iron for its 30 heat settings, the fact that it takes just a minute to warm up & that it creates the perfect, tightest curls (we especially love this iron on short hair).
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7. Best Corkscrew Curls: Conair Instant Heat Spiral Styler

Who knew there were special irons for corkscrew curls? This "spiral styler" works on short and long hair, has 25 heat settings and features a Turbo Heat button that is touted to lock in curls. With a pricetag under $20, we're sold.
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8. Cheap Iron for Beachy Waves: Infiniti You Curl No Clamp Curling Iron

Perfect for creating beachy waves, this no-clamp curling iron allows you to wind hair around the barrel without the annoying kinks that come with clamps. Comes with a heat-resistant glove. One of the most popular curling irons on all the major review sites, this iron is also super affordable at under $25.


9. Another Great Clampless Iron: Remington Ceramic Styling Wand

A great clampless "styling wand," the Remington comes with a tapered barrel, making it a perfect iron for winding your hair around. And because it has ceramic, not metal, plates it won't burn your hair and heats up fast. A popular pick on all the major review sites, it's also a favorite of InStyle Magazine.


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