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Golden Globes 2007: Best and Worst Hairstyles


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Golden Globes 2007: Whose Hair Looked Hot, Not
Golden Globes 2007: Best and Worst Hairstyles

Penelope Cruz

Credit: Photo by Daniel George/ZUMA Press
Ahh, the Golden Globes. Every year we eagerly await the red carpet prance and dance to see Who's Done a Bjork This Year. (Side note: We're convinced the really bad ones are pure publicity, you'll see what we mean in a minute). That said, since we are beauty people and not fashion people, our eyes were on the updos and the makeup.

Here, Penelope Cruz is a definite 'best.' Her upswept 'do could make a less beautiful woman look matronly, but Penelope pulls it off. She also abides by a big rule in beauty: If you do a smokey eye, keep the rest of the face light. Her cheeks look naturally flush and her lips have just a hint of color. Bravo!
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