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Photos of 2016's Biggest Hairstyle Trends


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I Pick What's Hot in Haircuts, Hair Color and Hairstyles
hairstyles for 2016
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I've done the homework for you and found the hottest hairstyles, colors and cuts of 2016 and pulled them together in this slideshow.

I've combed through 1000s of photos to find the freshest, prettiest and most flattering hair cuts, styles and colors. I noticed some hairstyles are making a comeback (think thick fringe and boho 70s waves) while others, like the wavy long bob and ombré hair color, seem to be here to stay. At least for another couple seasons.

When looking for a fresh look for yourself, I recommend considering these points, rather than what's trendy:

  • If your hair is long and blah, consider chopping a few inches off for a change. If you're really brave, take the cut to your chin.
  • Boring brown hair? Add golden highlights painted on via the balayage method (more on this in a bit).
  • Embrace your hair texture. If you have curly hair, wear it natural for a season and spend the time you used to spend straightening your hair with your friends or family.
  • Hate your curls? Straighten them with the help of chemical straighteners. It will last longer and save you time than blow-drying and flat-ironing your hair. See your options here.
  • Want long hair, but can't grow it? Extensions are huge at the moment. And not as expensive as they used to be.
  • Not into curling and coiffing your hair, but love waves? Get a professional blow-out before an important event or big day. Either schedule one with your salon or if you're in a big city, drop by a blow-out bar.
  • Curious about a look like a topknot or side braid but not sure you can pull it off? Play around at home. Take selfies, send them to trusted friends. If you get the go, take it out for the day and see how many compliments you get.


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