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Blush: Try a Cream Color This Year

Can You Wear Cream Blush?


Blush: Try a Cream Color This Year
If you are into blushes or want to try a new type of blush, consider the creams that are new to the market this spring. They go on light & look super natural as if you just went for a run. Having spent years sans cheek color, I am in love with my new cream blush from Bobbi Brown.

I recently stopped by the Bobbi Brown counter at Bloomingdale's in SoHo (NYC) looking for a blush. The counter manager, Alexandra Hanson, sat me down & took a long look at my skin. "I don't think I'd put a blush on you," she told me honestly. It dawned on me that she was right: I have fair skin and naturally ruddy skin tone. I have TOO MUCH color already. But I'd been preaching to my readers that everyone can wear blush, what gives?

Hanson thought for a second, then got to work. She applied a tinted moisturizer with yellow undertones which took out the red in my face. (If you have pink skin, always opt for a yellow base in your foundations & tinted moisturizers). Hanson stood back & took me in. "NOW I would apply a blush," she said, pleased.

It took her awhile to find the perfect tone for my cheeks. She tested a few colors on my hand to no avail until she opted for Bobbi's Pot Rouge for Cheeks and Lips. Voila! A few dabs of this cream blusher on the apples of my cheeks later, and I had a rosy complexion -- a good one, just like I went for a run.

How to apply: Use the tips of your fingers to apply little dots on the apples of your cheeks up into your hairline. Blend in with fingers. Or, for a more natural look, sweep color across cheeks with a nylon-bristled brush. The best thing about this cream blush is it doubles as lipstick.

Buy Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer online (I have her medium tint, even though I'm fair & it's winter!): Compare Prices
And try her cream blush (I use Pink Truffle): Compare Prices

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