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Fastest Way to Blowdry Hair


Fastest Way to Blowdry Hair

Maria Shriver always has perfect blown-out hair

Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images
Shave off minutes from your morning beauty routine by blowdrying the bottom layers of hair first. According to Real Simple Magazine's September 2007 issue, it's faster to dry hair from underneath -- starting from the top means you'll re-wet hair as you comb through to the bottom layers, in effect wasting precious drying time.

The best way to blow dry hair is to separate hair with a clip and dry in sections. Once the underside of your hair is dry, you can finish off the top layers.

Other quick drying tips: Try an ionic dryer, which also cuts down on drying time.

Use a round brush for perfect, rounded edges. One with holes and a hollow center, allows air to circulate and dries hair faster.

A good blow-out should last several days. Soak up oils in between with a dry shampoo or baby powder (my preference).

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