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Best Beauty Gifts for Teens


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Sephora's Ultimate Blockbuster Makeup Palette
Best Beauty Gifts for Teens
Wondering what to give a teen who loves makeup and hair products: Someone so picky you're sure to disappoint? We've got the scoop on the best beauty gifts for teens that she won't sulk over.

Talk about value. She'll get a whopping three tiers of makeup, that's 150 shades, from Sephora, the hottest beauty retailer around. This palette includes six shades for cheeks, 84 for eyes, 60 for lips and a bevy of tools including every brush she could ever need. Considering even your basic drugstore brand makeup costs about $6 for 4 shades for the eye, this is considerable value. Sephora claims it's a $320 value. Need we say more? $48 for this gift for teens.

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