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Black Hair: The Year's Top Trends


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Photo galleries of weaves, natural hair, locs and more
Black Hair: The Year's Top Trends

Natural hair, pixies, and chin-length bobs are all popular at the moment

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Black hair trends this year include short hair, long hair, natural hair, locs, waves and weaves. See photo galleries of these styles in this slideshow, plus, get the scoop on how to style hair, choose relaxers and work with your natural hair.

But first a bit about choosing your perfect hairstyle.

Your Face Shape Matters

Almost every woman can pull off a natural afro. Or a pixie. Or a long, wavy wig. But your face shape does matter. You want to create the illusion that you were born with a perfectly round face and there are ways to achieve this. Find out more in:

Your Lifestyle Matters

If you work out a lot, a wig isn't going to be your best bet. Natural hair is, or even a weave. And if you are super busy, for example, if you are working full-time and raising kids, a weave is a time commitment you may not be willing to make. Keeping your hair natural may be your best bet, or relaxing it with chemicals so it's more manageable is another option. There are few things more ugly than a grown-out weave that needs to be replaced STAT. 

Money Matters

Weaves and wigs are pricey. Chemical relaxers and keeping your hair natural aren't. If you do go the weave or wig route, you want to invest in quality hair and a quality hairstylist. Human hair trumps synthetic and the wrong stylist can leave you looking as if you're hair is obviously fake or worse, can cause you to experience permanent hair loss.

Consider Your Personality

To pull off the very trendy pixie or the super edgy pompadour, you have to have confidence. But even more, you want to be comfortable in your hairstyle. If you are flirty and fun, you should pick a hairstyle that makes you feel that way. If you don't like trends, go for a more classic style like a chin-length bob.

Enjoy this gallery of the Hottest Black Hairstyle Trends of the Moment.

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