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How to Create an Updo From Hairpieces

By Antonio Gonzales

How to Create an Updo From Hairpieces

This hairstyle was created from hairpieces by Antonio Gonzales

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When planning your big day, there is so much to do from your dress to the flowers and most importantly your hair. Hair is the one thing that has to be flawless. Not only do you want to look your best, you also want to be proud to share the photos of your special day with loved ones in years to come.

With so much on your mind, when you go for your trial, the last thing you want to know is that your hair is not long or thick enough to create the look you envision for your wedding. There is a simple solution -- hair pieces. And I don't mean committing to have some uncomfortable tracks sewn into your hair that take time to put in and remove, especially when time is an issue.

My model pictured here has shoulder-length hair which is pretty thick. When I was thinking of what we should do for the photo shoot, I twisted her hair in a make-believe French twist and her hair quickly disappeared. I then thought of the look I wanted. My inspiration for this up do was the strong sisters from the 70's with their beautiful hair and fierce style.

To start, instead of using an expensive store-made human hair piece, I made my own. Not only is it cheaper, it is easier for me to style and easier for the client to use in the future as well. Here's how I created the hairpiece for this look.


How to Create Your Own Hairpiece

Step 1 First, I went shopping for my hairpieces, which are basically long wefts of hair in the color that I want. I have a human hair shop that has great quality hair at affordable prices.

Step 2 I then cut the hairpieces to fit the style I am looking to create for my bride's hair. Depending on the look, I may add a little color to them.

Step 3 I sew clips on the hairpieces myself which takes a still hand and some talent (wink).

Step 4 Finally, I prep the hairpiece to match my model's hair. This model's hair is very dark and was a little dull, while the purchased hair was dark and very shiny. To match the model's hair to the new hair pieces, I used a clear cellophane on her natural hair which added intense shine.


How to Create the Extravagent Updo Pictured Here

To begin my creation, I put the model's hair up in two pony tails. I then added long combed hair pieces to create length. I took some pieces and braided them adding to the rest of the hair. Not only is this comfortable to wear, it can be styled on your wedding day assuming all the prepping has been completed. And here we have it, hair that looks good, is easy to wear, and can be removed by you.

Antonio Gonzales is a stylist at Orl'o Salon in New York City. Get more hairstyling tips at Antonio's Website.

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