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Reese Witherspoon Hair: Her Best Hairstyles


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Reese Witherspoon's Waves and Bangs
Reese Witherspoon Hair: Her Best Hairstyles

Reese Witherspoon

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I covet Reese's bangs. In fact, I covet them so much, I once got the grown-out version of her very popular haircut. It's grown out because as much as I love bangs, they grow out too fast and I'm too lazy to get bi-monthly bang trims (much to my friend Jim's chagrin: "But you are a beauty editor! You are supposed to look put together!"). For those of you willing to put the effort into the tapered bang look, here are her stylist's secrets, courtesy of InStyle Magazine:

1. Stylist Mark Townsend cuts the bangs a half-inch longer on each side so Witherspoon can wear the bangs pushed the side or straight down.
2. Once the bangs are cut, he "holds the scissors vertically to chop into the ends, creating subtle layers," according to InStyle.
3. Townsend dries the bangs under with a round brush, then finishes them off by drying them to the side. He then runs them through a flat-iron to give them a rounded edge.
4. To keep bangs from getting oily, he dusts his hands with baby powder and runs them through the bangs. I'm telling you guys, the power of baby powder is huge -- Hollywood is embracing it!

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