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20 Celebrities With Round Faces


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Olivia Munn
20 Celebrities With Round Faces

Actress Olivia Munn

Frederick M. Brown // Getty
I have such a girl crush on Olivia Munn. She's incredibly witty and lately she's look absolutely fabulous. A natural round face, Munn tends to choose hairstyles that fall between the chin and just below the shoulders -- all lengths that are naturally flattering on her face shape.

Why this cut works:

  • Munn's hair has natural wave in it and this tousled, casual look is very flattering because the body is not at her cheeks, which could make them look bigger. Round face shapes should keep the hair volume at the chin or lower so as not to make the face appear rounder.
  • You'll notice many of the celebrities in this gallery sport middle parts, which are especially flattering on round faces. Munn is no exception.
  • The length falls longer than her chin. Round faces should avoid blunt chin-length bobs such as these because they can make the face appear wider than it already is.
  • Choppy ends are super flattering and work better than a blunt cut.

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