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Best Hairstyles for Square Face Shapes


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Gwyneth is a Classic Square Face
Gwyneth Paltrow square face shape

Gwyneth Paltrow

Carlos Alvarez for Getty Images
Gwyneth looks best in flat-ironed long locks, such as these. The curtain effect of her hair -- which she gets because she parts it in the middle, then flat-irons it -- hides the sharp edges of her jaw while playing up her amazing cheekbones.

Just after the birth of her son, Moses, Paltrow cut off her long hair which grew to her breasts and simply was too long (she admitted as much). She tried a long bob for awhile, but is now happy with a long cut that ends below her collarbone. Note how she parts her hair straight down the middle, making what could be a boring look very modern. Make sure to cut in just a FEW long layers for movement.

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