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The Best Short Haircuts: 30 Envy-Inducing Styles


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Plus: See Which Cuts Work With Your Face Shape
Jennifer Lawrence blonde bob

Actress Jennifer Lawrence attends 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' hand and footprint ceremony at TCL Chinese Theatre on October 31, 2015 in Hollywood, California.

Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

So you want a short haircut. Or you want a better one. Or maybe you just want to know what short hairstyles will flatter your face shape.

You've come to the right place. In this slideshow, I run down the top short hairstyle trends of the moment, including cuts like the pixie, the bob (pictured here on actress Jennifer Lawrence), the shag, the pompadour and the edgy cuts that we're seeing all over the place, and I tell you which ones work best with your face shape.

Short Hairstyle Trends

The hottest short hairstyles of the moment are edgier and more modern than in years past. I'm seeing a lot of the following:

  • Long bangs with shorter sides on the pixie
  • Mussy "I just got out of bed and my hair is fabulous" shags
  • Pompadours (razor short sides and long tops)
  • Unstructured bobs
  • Long bobs, worn wavy or straight

Don't miss my article on The Top 6 Short Hairstyle Trends of the Moment.

Why Your Face Shape Matters

Whether you have a round, a long, an oval, a square or a heart-shaped face, there will be styles that look great on you and others that simply aren't as flattering. The good news is that almost every trend will work with every face shape, you just have to get the right cut. For example, the pixie typically doesn't flatter a round face, but if you can elongate the face by wearing short bangs sticking up or grown down in a side-sweep, then the pixie can be gorgeous on your face shape. 

Before we get started, you should have some idea of your face shape. Start with my article, How to Measure Your Face to Determine Your Face Shape.

And Your Hair Texture Matters, Too

Your hair texture plays a starring role in the drama that can be choosing a flattering haircut. Your hair's density and texture may dictate your hairstyle, your hair length and how your stylist cuts your hair.

Curly hair won't work with all short hairstyles, but neither will super fine, flat hair. We'll touch on hair texture in this gallery. In the meantime, don't miss 10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Hair Texture

Don't Forget Your Personality

When it comes to short cuts in particular, your personality plays a huge role. Think about what goes through your mind when you see a woman with a structured bob or an edgy haircut. You are probably passing some sort of judgement on her, whether you like it or not. I automatically think a woman with a great edgy cut must be cool. And a woman with a structured bob is sophisticated (at least in my mind).

Consider also that short hair tends draw more attention than long hair. If you're going to get a platinum pompadour, people are going to notice.

Now, onto the fun. Let's get started with the pixie....

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