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Is Your Face Round, Square, Long, Heart or Oval Shaped?


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No. 5: The Long (or "Oblong") Face
Is Your Face Round, Square, Long, Heart or Oval Shaped?
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Long face shapes are longer than they are wide. If your "cross shape ratio" (see slide 1) is 1 to more than 1 1/2, then you fall into this face shape zone. I hereby welcome you to the Long Face Shape Club, of which I am president.

The perfect haircut for us is one that doesn't drag down the face, yet adds width.

See my photo gallery of best haircuts for long face shapes

Styles That Work Best on a Long Face

Bangs can be your best friend because they can hide a big forehead. Try brow-skimming, side-swept bangs or blunt bangs. See my gallery of the best bangs by face shapes for more information.

When it comes to haircuts, chin-length bobs are also ideal for us because they create the illusion of width. Gwyneth Paltrow's long bob is very flattering on a long face. Just make sure your stylist cuts the hair a bit shorter in the back so it doesn't look boring. Curls and waves work well because they add width to the face.

Be careful with long hair: Hair that is too long like Megan Fox's can drag down the face. Long layers work best with pieces hitting at the nose, the chin and the collarbone. Consider a v-shaped style where the length is mainly in the back, while the sides and front of your hair appear shorter. Also consider adding wave or curls to the hair (find out how, here).

Styles To Avoid With a Long Face

Stay away from the extremes. Don't go longer than the collarbone and avoid a skull-capping pixie cut, like these pixie hairstyles.

Celebs Who Share Your Face Shape

Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashlee Simpson, Liv Tyler, Giselle Bundchen

Must-Have Products for a Long Face

You need a great volumizer. Check out my list of the 10 best volumizers for hair.

See photos of hairstyles that work (and don't work) on your face shape in Best Hairstyles for Long Face Shapes: 20 Flattering Cuts.

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