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Beauty Book

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Beauty Book

Teen Beauty Secrets by Diane Irons

The Bottom Line

This is a good, basic book for teens wanting to know quick fixes for beauty. The book is chock-full of wisdom & solid beauty advice, although some of the references to trends & celebrities seems a bit oudated 4 years after the book was published. Teens are more focused on Lindsay Lohan & Mischa Barton these days. They don't care about Jennifer Lopez or Sarah Jessica Parker.
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  • Compact book, easy to read
  • Quick, easy-to-read tips
  • Some good advice
  • Homemade beauty recipes


  • A bit outdated, book was published in 2002
  • Not very savvy for hip teens


  • This book would make a great gift for a teen with a basic interest in beauty or fashion.
  • Buy online, it's cheaper. You'll find prices as low as $2 (book sells for $15 in stores).
  • Get information not just on beauty, but on hair emergencies, breakouts, wardrobe calamaties & more.

Guide Review - Beauty Book

This is one of the only teen beauty books on the market right now (Bobbi Brown has a new one that wasn't yet out on the shelves when we bought this one). For that reason, this book is worth a buy, at least until a more hip, up-to-date book is published. Many of the beauty tips & homemade recipes in this book are ones that stand the test of time.
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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Best Book Ever!, Member torimmm

I am a 13 year old teen, & I absolutly loved this book. I read it about every night. Great Book. Must Have for teens. :)

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