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Fringe Bangs: Hairstyles Featuring Fringe Bangs


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The Best Fringe Hairstyles
Fringe Bangs: Hairstyles Featuring Fringe Bangs

Hailey Baldwin

Getty: Anthony Harvey, Rahav Segev

Bangs are a great way to change your look in minutes and there's no sexier bang hairstyle than fringe bangs. A good fringe bang hits right below the brow, has to be trimmed every few weeks and grows out nicely into side-swept bangs.

In this gallery, I feature some of my favorite fringe bangs featured on celebrities including Hailey Baldwin, pictured here, Olivia Wilde, Bella Thorne and many others.

Here, Hailey Baldwin has the perfect fringe for a ponytail. I love how her bangs frame her face when her hair is pulled back into a ponytail. Baldwin has thin hair that tends to fall flat, but it works gorgeously here.

The key to fringe is to have your stylist cut your bangs when they are dry. Hair shrinks when it's dry and what looks the perfect length wet will be too short when dry. Ask bangs to hit you in the middle of the eyebrow. Fringe grows out nicely into side-swept bangs.

Again, the biggest downside is the upkeep, which is why I encourage you to learn How to Trim Your Own Bangs.

Find out what bangs best suit your face shape in Best Bangs by Face Shape.

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