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Bangs: 20 Great Hairstyles With Bangs


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The secret to a great bang: The "u" shape
Florence Welch thick bangs

Florence Welch

Ian Gavan // Getty Images
Cool red hairstyle on Florence Welch. These are blunt bangs that have grown out into sideswept bangs. When you get your hair cut, it's important your bangs match the rest of your hairstyle. Here, Welch's does this beautifully. Her hair is thick and her bangs are, too. You don't want soft, wispy bangs paired with long, thick hair or your look will be dated.

To get this look ask your stylist to cut your bangs thickly. The middle part of the blunt bang should fall at your brow or just below it (remember, hair cut wet will dry shorter, so make sure your stylist doesn't cut too much when hair is wet) and the sides of the blunt bangs should be longer, forming an upside down "u." Face-framing bangs are super trendy at the moment and very flattering. They also tend to grow out better than the blunt bang.

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