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Blunt Bangs: 20 Photos of Blunt Bang Hairstyles


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Photos of Celebrities with Bangs -- Paris Jackson
Blunt Bangs: 20 Photos of Blunt Bang Hairstyles

Paris Jackson

Valerie Macon // Getty Images

This photo gallery is of amazing blunt bang hairstyles. So many celebrities have gone on the blunt bang bandwagon including Taylor Swift, Jassica Biel, Michele Lea, Beyonce and many others. I feature many of their hairstyles in this gallery.

I start with Paris Jackson's bangs because they are super cool. Note how the edges of them are longer than the middle and also note how thickly her bangs are cut. I like that they fall long, totally skimming her eyebrows.

To get this look, ask your stylist to cut your bangs when dry. If you cut bangs when wet, you risk cutting them too short because hair tends to shrink up as it dries.

If you are going the bangs route, you should know how to blow dry your bangs. Many, many women suffer from "Bubble Bangs," a bang syndrome that could be avoided if only they put down the round brush and blew their hair dry with a flat or paddle brush.

I give the full report in How to Blow Dry Bangs.

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