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Best Bangs by Face Shape


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Best Bangs for Square Face Shapes: Eye-Grazing Fringe
Best Bangs by Face Shape

Jennifer Garner

Jason Merritt // Getty Images
If you have a square face, you have angular features. Your jaw is almost as wide as your cheekbones and if you were to draw a diagram of your face, it would resemble a square.

Since your goal is to soften your hard angles, the best bangs for you are long, side-swept bangs that graze the brows. They should hit just below the brow but be longer on the sides, like these bangs on Jennifer Garner, a natural square face.

The key to your perfect bangs is to ensure that the bangs are tapered on the sides and are longer than they are above the brow. The hair above the brow should hit at the brow or just below it and can be wispier, allowing some of your forehead to peek through.

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