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Emmys 2009 Red Carpet Best & Worst


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Padma Lakshmi: Flamenco Dancer Gone Wrong
Emmys 2009 Red Carpet Best & Worst

Padma Lakshmi of "Top Chef"

Frazer Harrison // Getty Images
I picked perhaps the most unflattering picture ever taken of Padma Lakshmi. This is the kind of photo that you rush to untag when a friend posts your picture on Facebook. And then you send your friend a "hello, do you hate me" email. In fact, this photo is so unflattering I am beginning to wonder if Padma Lakshmi is pregnant. Also, she looks like she has a ginormous fake hair bun stuck to the back of her head. The bouquet of roses attached to her hip is also just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Big thumbs down.

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