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How to Conceal Crow's Feet

A permanent method & a few tips to conceal those laugh lines



How to properly conceal those annoying crow's feet

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People start developing crow's feet around the eyes in their 30s. I consider my own "laughing lines" and believe they are a sign of a good life (and I hope to develop many more in my lifetime), but if you hate yours, there are ways to turn back time or at least conceal them.


A Permanent Fix: Botox

Botox is still relatively controversial. I know so many people who've gotten and love it but they are still in the closet about it. The fact is, when it comes to fixing crow's feet around the eyes and the lips, Botox is the method of choice for skincare pros.

Botox relaxes the lines and in some cases almost seems to erase them. If Botox isn't enough for you, you could try injectable fillers.

Don't Overuse Concealer or Powders

Don't try to cover up wrinkles around the eyes with heavy concealer. You'll end up with raccoon eyes. Instead, apply just a few dabs of concealer and always pat in concealer with your ring finger. You can also use a brush which distributes concealer more evenly. See my list of Top 10 Concealers.

Try skipping powder around the eye area, it tends to settle into wrinkles.

Start Wearing Sunscreen Now

Even though our wrinkles are largely determined by heredity (if your mother is wrinkly, then chances are you will be, too), many wrinkles are caused by sun damage. No matter your age you need to wear sunscreen on your face, rain or shine. Get in this habit and your skin's health will be your payoff.

Consider Retinoids as Part of Your Weekly Skin Routine

There really are no miracle creams out there, except for one: Retinoids, otherwise known as Vitamin A.

I've done a ton of research on anti-aging products and what I've found is that dermatologists agree on one thing: The only anti-ager on the market that has proven again and again to reduce fine lines and wrinkles is Vitamin A. Although Retin-A was the first and most famous Vitamin A derivative used for anti-aging, other Vitamin A products have since popped up including Tazorac, Renova and Differin. A host of over-the-counter medications containing lower doses of Vitamin A have also hit the market. While Retin-A remains a medication to treat acne, all of these new products were created specifically to fight wrinkles.

It's best to use these products under the care of a physician. Ask your dermatologist about using a retinoid as part of your daily -- or at least weekly -- skincare routine.

Do Eye Creams Work?

The debate is raging in the beauty world over whether eye creams work. Some specialists swear by them, while others claim eye cream offers you nothing more than a really thick moisturizer does.

If you must try an eye cream, look for one with with one of three ingredients: retinoids which stimulate cell growth, peptides which boost collagen production and antioxidants, which fix free radical damage caused by sun damage and other environmental factors.

See my list of the best eye creams.

Do You Need an Eye Exam

Squinting too much actually can deepen crow's feet. Boston dermatologist Ranella Hirsch says in Harper's Bazaar, "Ninety percent of the time when women in their 30s come in for Botox, I send them to the ophthamologist because they need a stronger prescription."

Get Chemical Peels Now and Then

Chemical peels are a great way to remove layers of dead skin cells leaving you with fresh, dewy skin. There are a few over-the-counter peels that I've tried and liked, but your best bet is to get one from a skincare professional.

See my list of great chemical peels.

What About Lip Lines & Wrinkly Lips?

Plump up lips and bring attention to THEM, not the surrounding area, by using a moisturizing lip gloss. Any time you add moisturizer to skin or lips, it plumps them up, making them appear more youthful.

Still want to use your lipstick? Apply a lip balm to lips first and then lipstick over it. The lip balm will settle into your wrinkly lips so that your lipstick won't.

See My Favorite Lip Glosses.

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