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Brow Shaping -- Don't Skip This Beauty Regimen


Brow Shaping -- Don't Skip This Beauty Regimen

How to Shape Your Brows

Photo: Getty Images // Ryan McVay

When a woman has perfectly shaped brows, she can look put together even without a drop of makeup. This is why brow-shaping should be the one weekly beauty regimen you should never skip.

A little story for you: My dear friend Abigail from London never took care of her eyebrows until 7 years ago when I convinced her to let me go at her brows with my Tweezerman. She endured the plucking but with much grimacing, which left me assuming she'd left the country traumatized. But then years later I got a letter from Abi with a Polaroid shot of her eyes and the words, "Still a-Tweezing!" scratched onto the picture. When she visited me again a few weeks ago, I noticed she needed to take off a few more from the inside of each brow and off she went to the bathroom, reappearing every now and then for a consult. The end result? "I look so much more awake!" she exclaimed.

See, dear readers, see. A little plucking can go a long way. Trust me.

The best tweezers on the market are made by Tweezerman. Period. I like the spa slant version:

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