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Best Glasses for Older Women


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The Perfect Glasses if You Don't Want People to Notice You're Wearing Glasses
Best Glasses for Older Women

Annette Bening

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If you wear glasses every day, consider your glasses your best fashion accessory. You wouldn't wear the same exact scarf every day would you? No, you'd change it up. So you may consider changing up your look when it comes to glasses, too.

Author Charla Krupp writes about glasses in her book, "How Not to Look Old." She recommends keeping 3 pair on hand: One for the work day, one for evenings and one for weekends. This is a great idea. Since so many people I know dress casually for both work and evenings, I suggest getting 3 very different pair that will work well with your outfits

Take this pair on Annette Bening. These are the sort of glasses you want if you don't want to bring attention to the fact that you're wearing glasses. These frameless glasses blend into the face beautifully. A thin frame works well, too. Check out my gallery of eyeglass frames that aren't black for more inspiration.

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