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Hairstyle Photos
Is your hairstyle outdated? Browse these hairstyle photos and see which one suits you most, then print it out and take it to your hairdresser. Whether you want to go short, stay long or find a cut in between, there's a new style for you here.

Prom Hairstyles -- Photos of Formal, Wedding, Prom Hair
Prom: We've gathered 100s of formal hairstyle photos. Whether you want a classic updo for prom, or a trendy formal hairstyle inspired from the celebrity red carpet, we've got the cutest looks for this year's special event.

Haircut & Color
Find out what haircuts best suit your face shape, how to pick the perfect hair color for your skin tone and how to color your own hair at home. Got gray roots? Here we show you your best options for covering them. Plus, find out fixes for dandruff and other hair and scalp problems.

Styling Your Hair
A great hairstyle can mean the difference between feeling ordinary and extraordinary. Once you get a great cut, maintaining and styling hair properly is key. Here we show you how to create curls, use a flatiron and we share with you the best shampoos and conditioners on the market.

Just for Teens: Makeup, Hair & More
Not interested in beauty advice written for Mom? Yeah, we got it. Here, you'll find 20 beauty tips every teen should know, hair, makeup and skin secrets our beauty experts have learned over the years and even photo galleries of amazing prom hairstyles. If you're into fashion, don't miss About.com's Teen Fashion Website.

Top 10 Lists: Best Hair, Makeup and Skincare Products
Wondering what type of shampoo or moisturizer to buy out of all the products on the market? These top 10 lists cover every hair, skincare and makeup product on the market. Plus, find out the best beauty blogs and magazines.

Beauty Over Age 50: Beauty Tips for Women Over Age 50
"You can only perceive real beauty in a person as they get older." -- Anouk Aimée

We've created a section devoted to beauty topics craved by women over age 50: Photos of flattering hairstyles by body type, how to erase fine lines and wrinkles, plus a ton of makeup tricks and tips.

Celebrity Hair Tricks & Makeup Tips
Photo galleries of the hottest celebrities today. Plus, makeup and style tips from the red carpet.

Eyes: Shadows, Mascara, Liner & More
Make your eyes 'pop' with these tips. Can you wear blue eyeshadow? What mascaras work best (and which is the brand favorite)? Here, you'll find everything from how to apply false eyelashes, to whether liquid or pencil eye liners are best.

Face: Concealer, Foundation, Powders & More
How flawless is your complexion after you apply your makeup? Here we show you how to achieve a gorgeous face. Are you going too light on concealer? Should you give up foundation for a tinted moisturizer? Why is everyone ga-ga over primer? Find out in this section.

There's nothing better than treating yourself to a professional manicure or pedicure. But you can save money by doing it yourself at home. These tips will take your nails from ragged to refined in no time.

Skin Problems
How to help acne, rosacea, dryness, eczema and other skin problems.

Skincare Basics -- Facials, Regimens, Makeup & More
Here you'll find everything you need to know about skincare. Get the basics on skincare regimens, facials (both at-home & pro) and which skincare products are right for you.

Lips: Lipstick, lip gloss & lip balm
So you weren't born with Angelina Jolie lips. Neither were we, but we can show you how to make your lips appear plumper (perhaps not THAT plump). Plus: Get the scoop on best glosses, lip balms (are they addictive?) and more.

Fragrance & Perfumes
Find lists of the best fragrances and perfumes for summer, fall, winter and spring. Plus, best celebrity scents and gift lists.

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