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Short Hair: The 6 Hottest Trends - Beauty - About.com
The 6 hottest short hair trends include the mussy shag, the pixie and more. Find out which of these short hairstyles best works with your face shape.
Short Hairstyles for Women - Which Ones are Best for You? - Beauty
Almost every woman (with few exceptions) can wear short hair. The secret is finding the right cut for your face shape and hair texture. Here, I'll help you figure out ...
How to Tell if You'd Look Good With Short Hair - Beauty - About.com
Almost every woman can wear short hair. The secret is finding the right cut for your face shape and hair texture. Here, I'll help you figure out the best short ...
How to Wear Short Hair With a Long Face - Beauty - About.com
Want to learn how to wear short hair with a long face to make sure you're working with what you have? Here, see helpful tips.
Michelle Williams Short Hair Style - Photo - Beauty - About.com
Actress Michelle Williams got a lot of buzz for her short hairstyle, which is longer in front and a bit shorter on the sides.
Short, Curly Hair: Photos of My Favorite Hairstyles
When you have super curly hair you usually don't want to go short. Short hair can frizz up on you more easily than long hair and you run the risk of major pouffy ...
How to Style Short Hair for a Round Face - Beauty - About.com
Transcript:How to Style Short Hair for a Round Face. Hi I am Corene Camp professional stylist for About.com to show you how to style short hair for a round face.
Celebrities With Short Hair - Beauty - About.com
In this gallery, you'll see 20 celebrities with short hair. Some, like Meg Ryan, no longer sport short hair, whereas others, like Miley Cyrus, just went short.
Why Anyone Can Wear Short Hair - Women's Hairstyles - About.com
I'm not saying that a short haircut is the answer for every woman. For whatever reason you may not want to have short hair. You may absolutely love your long ...
Short Hair for Prom and Homecoming - Beauty - About.com
Short Hair for Prom and Homecoming -- Photo gallery of gorgeous short hairstyles for prom.
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