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How to Create Beachy Waves - Beauty - About.com
There's nothing quite like ocean salt water to create the best hair texture ever. Beachy, sexy waves never go out of style and to get them you have a few options.
The Secret to Beach Hair (How to Get Those Sexy Waves) - Beauty
Find out exactly how to get wavy hair like you were just at the beach. (The secret may surprise you).
How to Curl Hair: The Secret to Sexy, "Beachy" Waves - Beauty
Here I show you how to curl your hair to get sexy, beachy waves like Mila Kunis, pictured here. The secret to this look lies in the technique, but also the haircut.
Long, Wavy Hair: 10 Styles to Inspire Your Next Haircut - Beauty
I absolutely love this hairstyle. To get this look, blow dry hair straight first and then curl hair with a large-barreled curling iron. The blonde color is awesome too.
Styling Hair: 13 of My Favorite Salon Secrets - Beauty - About.com
I have found the secret recipe to sea spray, which is The Secret to Beachy Waves . Here it is: My Amazing Salt Spray Recipe. You can also buy a great sea spray.
Wavy Hair? How to Get the Best Haircut - Beauty - About.com
If you want to enhance your natural waves, I have a few favorite tips that will ... If you are looking to wear your hair in natural, beachy waves most days, you ...
How to Get That Perfect Beachy Look - Beauty - About.com
How to Get Beachy Waves. - Taxi for Getty Images. Taxi for Getty Images. These beachy waves are the result of having long, naturally wavy hair, going ...
Curling Irons: What to Look for When Shopping for One - Beauty
No matter your hair texture -- whether you have pin-straight fine hair or thick wavy ... You can get beachy waves from simply spritzing towel dried hair with a salt ...
How to Get Beach Hair at Home Video - Beauty - About.com
Learn how to get beach hair at home so that you can enjoy this casual chic hairstyle without having to plan a vacation. Follow this step-by-step guide to get ...
Hair Styling Tips - Create Soft Curls or Loose Waves - Beauty
Find out how to get loose, soft curls using these step-by-step instructions. ... How to Create Soft, Loose Waves (Not the Beachy Look). By Julyne Derrick. Beauty ...
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