Guide Picks - Top Makeup Books
When choosing a new book for my collection, I look for specialized information, a format that is easy to read and material that I can put to use. All of the books listed below have met that criteria.
1) "Makeup Your Mind" by Francois Nars
If you are passionate about makeup, you will definitely want this book on your shelf. What makes it different is that there are over 63 women featured in before and after shots. But it doesn't leap from no makeup to the dazzling full makeup. Nars uses a series of acetate overlays to show you the techniques used every step of the way! Now this is almost as good as having a makeup artist at your beck and call!
2) "Beauty Flash" by Stephane Marais
If you find yourself fascinated with the photography of models in magazines, you are not alone. This has fascinated world famous Stephane Marias from the time he was a child. He has been snapping polaroids between shoots and during fashion shows and fashion show rehearsals and has put these portraits together as a documentation of his makeup techniques. A thoroughly interesting book!
3) "Latina Beauty" by Belen Aranda-Alvarad
This book is not about a look... but an attitude. Latina Beauty speaks to Hispanic women but I can say without a doubt that any woman who reads this book, will pick up some new tricks... and an attitude at the same time!
4) "Art of Makeup" by Kevyn Aucoin
I spend my time reading about books before I buy one for my collection and I have yet to find one negative review for this book. Kevyn loves the topic of makeup and it shows in this book and "Face Forward" as well. When you are finished reading this book, you will have tons of fun simply playing with your makeup!
5) "Face Forward" by Kevyn Aucoin
I love all of the techniques that Kevyn shares, but perhaps my favorite part of the book is where he chooses a famous face and makes her look like someone totally different. Gwyneth Paltrow suddenly looks just like Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde or Eveline Lange as Debbie Harry. And perhaps my favorite... Martha Stewart as Veronica Lake! Simply amazing!
6) "Bobbi Brown Beauty" by Bobbi Brown
The book is full of information, but I would have liked to have seen an index at the end of the book. I am always looking for bits of information in seconds flat and an index is invaluable to me. However, Bobbi has tons of information to offer if you have the time to look for it. And one nice addition... if you have aspirations of being a makeup artist, there is a section that tells you how to go about it. She should know!
7) "The Eyebrow" by Robyn Cosio
Makeup artist Robyn Cosio know just about everything there is to be known about eyebrows. And I'm not talking just about the eyebrows of today. She even knows about eyebrows that were around long before you were. A thoroughly entertaining book but with lots of instruction as well. With this book in your collection, you never have to sport bad brows... every again!
8) "Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty" by Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown obviously remembers what it was like to be a teenager and offers information on not only makeup, but talks about self-confidence and just feeling good about yourself. There are also lots of how-tos for boosting your confidence, finding the perfect look and even dealing with braces. As a bonus, you will find a special section for African-American , Hispanic, and Asian girls.
9) "Asian Beauty" by Margaret Kimura
Finally, a book written just for the needs of Asian women. Asian Beauty offers fabulously illustrated pages, step-by-step guidance on how enhance lips, eyes, cheeks and brows, using makeup artist Margaret Kimura's Shadows and Light technique. But two sections in particular caught my eye. One is called "Beauty Inside Out" and this deals with the foods that we eat. The points made in this section will really open your eyes. A few new foods have been added to my shopping list! The other chapter that I have to rave about, is entitled, "Get A New Attitude." And, I'm not kidding about this section. How is this for starters... Learn To Love Yourself Naked. Need I, say more?
*Tenth Makup Book... I'm still looking!
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