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Guide Picks - Top Beauty Books
When choosing a new book for my collection, I look for specialized information, a format that is easy to read and material that I can put to use. All of the books listed below have met that criteria.
1) "Beauty" by Rona Berg
Another great resource of beauty tips, but my favorite sections of the book are the beauty timelines. Imagine following beauty practices of women, centuries before you were born. You will find 386 pages of tips starting at the tip of your toes and ending at the top of your head. And the timelines too!
2) "The Tao of Beauty" by Helen Lee
Ms. Lee, a Ford fashion model has put together a collection of beauty secrets that have been around for the last 5000 years! She strongly believes that beauty and wellness are inextricably linked and after you thumb through her book, you will believe it too. It offers tons of advice and much of it, you aren't going to find in any other books. A fascinating read!
3) "Latina Beauty" by Belen Aranda-Alvarad
This book is not about a look... but an attitude. Latina Beauty speaks to Hispanic women but I can say without a doubt that any woman who reads this book, will pick up some new tricks... and an attitude at the same time!
4) "The Beauty Workbook" by Cynthia Robins
Common sense when it comes to beauty, often goes right out the window. That's what you will especially like about this book. The entire focus is to make you aware of how you look at skin care, makeup, your hair and nails, and then goes on to devote an easy to understand chapter to each.
5) "Face Forward" by Kevyn Aucoin
I love all of the techniques that Kevyn shares but perhaps my favorite part of the book is where he chooses a famous face and makes her look like someone totally different. Gwyneth Paltrow suddenly looks just like Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde or Eveline Lange as Debbie Harry. And perhaps my favorite... Martha Stewart as Veronica Lake! Simply amazing!
6) "Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me" by Paula Begoun
You are going to love this book. It's 1000 plus pages and full of information that the cosmetic industry would rather you didn't know.
7) "Take Charge Beauty Book" by Susan Hussey, Aubrey Hampton
Take Charge Beauty Book is a great how-to book from Hussey and Hampton that will appeal to a lot of readers looking for help on how to rid themselves of that double chin, reduce wrinkles on the forehead and if that's not enough, the authors have even included a little beauty cookbook included for good measure.
8) "Essence and Alchemy" by Mandy Aftel
Reading Mandy Aftel's book, "Essence and Alchemy" has made me look at the fragrance industry with renewed awe. The anecdotes alone will keep you glued to its pages.
9) "Survival of the Prettiest" by Nancy Etcoff
Brains beats out beauty as you progress through life... right? According to this book, nothing could be further from the truth!
10) "The Eyebrow" by Robyn Cosio
Cosio has followed the eyebrow through history and the book is packed with incredible photographs ranging from angry slashes, popular in the silent film era, the unusual brows favored by the Victorian beauties of Britain, to the more natural look of present. As an added bonus, makeup artist, Ms. Cosio warns against following the latest trends and then goes on to show you how to work with the brows that you still have.
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