Guide Picks - Top 6 Videos
There are a dozens of beauty videos on the market that will make picking up a few new tricks easy and entertaining. Pop one into the vcr and then get on your exercise bike or in the case of the exercise videos listed below, put on something comfortable and start moving to the music. Its that easy.
1.) Julie Mollo's Makeup Secrets
It is very difficult to resize this video cover, but you will find a full size photo in the review below.This video is top on my list for this holiday guide. I watch my own copy at least once a month.
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Julie Mollo's Makeup Secrets
2.) Virtual Makeup by Vanessa Belle
Here is another great makeup video that is part of my library. It's sixty minutes long and full of hints that will show you what a little color and knowledge can do .
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Available at Face Art
3.) Egyptian Belly Dancing
What better way to lose some inches than by learning how to belly dance in the privacy of your own home. This introductory video allows anyone to learn this beautiful dance and before you know it, those inches around the waist that have been driving you crazy, have simply vanished.
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Available at Face Art
4.) Celtic Feet
Colin Dunne, star of Riverdance, has put together a video to teach you just how easy it is to master this style of dance. I have my own copy and you will burn calories... quickly!
5.) Dance Your Pants Off
You have to hand it to Richard Simmons. He is the only guy I know that can put a smile on your face while making you sweat to death. For this video, he chose some old favorites from the 80s to get you hooked including Gloria, Call Me (by Blondie), Flashdance to just name a few. Who can resist wearing off calories when its this much fun.
6.) Living Yoga by Rodney Yee
I have just discovered yoga and I can't think of enough nice things to say about this video collection. It's perfect for beginners (like me), starting you off with one tape especially put together for the morning and then another video to wind down in the evening. If you have some friends of your holiday list that are stuck for a gift idea, this just might be it.
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