Meet Genna
What Should You Know?

A few months ago, I received an email from Genna's mother. She was inquiring about a link to her daughter's portfolio and after viewing it, I decided that it might be interesting to learn a little about how this young lady became interested in modeling at such a tender age. Here is what Genna had to say.

* When/how did you get interested in modeling?
Watching models on television and because it looked like fun.

* Where are you receiving your training? (What modeling agency?)
I take classes at Immortelle Modeling & Acting International here in Vancouver, WA.

* When I was a teenager, you had to be at least 5'9" tall or you wouldn't make it. Is that still the case, or is it changing?
It's changing all the time. I think people are starting to want to see more 'real people' looking models.

* Is modeling everything you were hoping it would be?
It's harder because I thought I could just go do it, but I have to take a lot of classes.

* You mentioned taking a lot of classes. Tell us a little about them.
I have acting class on Saturdays at 11:00, then modeling class at 1:00. We do mock commercials on camera, runway, skits, makeup, skin care, posture, hair care, and manicures. I've been in modeling classes for 18 months, so now they have me helping out with the younger kids, teaching them.

* What was the most interesting job that you have had to date?
My first fashion show because I opened the show in a dress that was over 100 years old! I was scared to death of it! I was afraid I would step on the hem and hurt it.

* What are you doing this summer to further your career?
We have another fashion show coming up and my mom is setting up 'time for prints' shoots with some of the photographers in this area. I just started acting classes four months ago, so I'm really trying to concentrate on what I'm learning there, too.

* Would you encourage other young girls to try modeling as a career?
Yes, because it's fun, and you could make a lot of money.

* What is the hardest part of modeling?
Your turns and walks have to be just right, and you have to get used to changing clothes really fast and sometimes the dressing rooms are full and your mom has to hang up a sheet so you can dress behind it.

* What does it take to be successful?
Paying attention in your classes and a lot of hard work. Oh, and exposure!

* Do you have some words of advice for anyone who shares your interest?
Don't give up!! It can take a long time to get there, but it's worth it.

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