Miss America 2001

On October 14th, fifty-one young women crossed fingers in hopes of being crowned Miss America 2001 and over the next three hours, they did all that they could think of to make this dream a reality. Set in Atlantic City, the show this year was directed to a much younger croud, moving at a very past pace so that the new viewers would give the proceeding a chance to grow on them. How successful they were is yet to be determined. The entertainment, much to the delight of the audience was offered by the appearance of O Town performing one of their newest songs. From the applause they received, I think the new band captured a few new fans.

Hosted by Donnie and Marie Osmond, the usual banter between the siblings took place before the first ten young women to make it to the preliminaries, were announced. They included...

Final Five

These five young women each won $10,000 for making it this far in the contest.

What Didn't Appeal to me...
I didn't think that the show needed Marie rushing over to the five, who obviously didn't make it to the finals just to ask them how they felt. Obviously, the girls were disappointed and the answers that were given were exactly what one could expect. The segment could have been left out and the show wouldn't have suffered.

I did like the fact that personality and intellegence played a big part in choosing the winners. Each young woman was incredibly talented and articulate, which had to be difficult with the millions of people who were watching their every move.

One high point of the night was Miss America 2000 and her dedication to destitute veterans. An impressive young woman, she went on to win "Woman of Achievement Award" which came as a complete shock to her. "It's like winning Miss America all over again" she said tearfully.

The Night Draws To An End...

Miss Kentucky walks away as fourth runner up with a $20,000 scholarship.
Miss Mississippi in third place with a 25,000 scholarship
Miss California in second place with a 30,000 scholarship
Miss Louisiana, first runner up and a 40,000 scholarship
The NEW MISS AMERICA... winning a 50,000 scholarship, ANGELA BARAQUOI, Miss Hawaii

If you would like to participate in next year's Miss America contest, there is a web page waiting for you. It's never too early to start preparing. Good luck to next year's contestants!

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