Breasts... Now and Then.

Dateline: 10/12/98

I remember a time when breasts were something that every young girl dreamed about! When on earth were they going to arrive and would they be big enough?? And when they finally did arrive, how did they look in that new bathing suit? Were yours as big as your best friends'? Was there enough cleavage? You prayed that there would be!!

But suddenly something changed in our lives. Breasts became something scary! Something that could actually kill you! The amount of cleavage you were endowed with, suddenly wasn't that important to you any more. Instead you set aside time each month to examine yourself for lumps. And you prayed that you didn't find one! Suddenly breasts weren't fun any more.

Then, there is also the Mammogram to consider! The thought of it scared me to death but my doctor having experienced breast cancer in her own family suggested that I make an appointment. It was never too early in her mind to rule out the possibility! So, an appointment I made along with a call to my mother.

Thank God for mothers. They always know the right thing to say and I was very relieved when she promised me that it wasn't going to hurt! "You might want to stay away from caffeine", she suggested however. She had been told that it will make your breasts sensitive. That was enough for me... I stopped drinking coffee for two weeks and then made the appointment!

Without going into details, I want to tell everyone who has been putting off this procedure that my mother was right! It didn't hurt a bit! And before I left the office, the x-rays were examined and I was given a clean bill of health! So, as October is "Breast Awareness Month", I thought that I would search for some links on the subject to take some of that fear away!!! Knowledge is a powerful thing and I kind of liked it when breasts were fun! I want those days back!

This Week's Mini Tour

*Join us for a tour of a few sites that should inform.

Facts About Breast Cancer
What are your chances of having breast cancer? This site will provide you with some good information. Compliments of BCSC.

Defeating Breast Cancer
Here is some good news for you. Eighty percent of lumps found in the breast are benign. Compliments of BCSC.

Breast Cancer History
There have been lots of changes taking place in this field. For example, surgery was practiced to eradicate this disease in the days of the Egyptians without the aid of anesthesia. Compliments of BCSC.

Breast Self Examination
Not sure of the correct procedure? This page explains it all.

Compliments of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

About Mammograms
Information on who, when and why you should have one. Its not frightening at all when you understand it. Compliments of Avon.

Ten Questions About Breast Cancer
You have probably wondered about these questions yourself. Now, you have the answers. Compliments of Avon.

Breast Cancer...Are You Aware?
This study is coming out of England. Brush up on a few more facts. Compliments of Nina Pope.

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