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New Years Resolutions
Have You Made Yours?

Since this is a beauty site, you might think that the resolutions being made for the year 2000 might have much to do with losing weight, growing out the fingernails or making yourself more beautiful in some way. But, that wasn't the case at all. I think that everyone is beginning to realize that Beauty = Happiness. If you are happy, you are beautiful. Here area several suggestions that came in and I think that they are all terrific. If you are still thinking about a resolution for yourself, feel free to use any of thes suggestions. They will indeed... make you beautiful.

  • To be the nicest wife in the world for my husband.

  • My New Years Resolution consist of something very simple. Love, learn to love others as well as understand them on matter whom they are or what their circumstances are. But first and most importantly continue to love myself.
    Barbara Odom

  • To enjoy my daughters as much as possible and not to worry about cleaning and the unimportant things. I want to enjoy her every step. She is now 10 months old and it went too fast.
    Tanya Mock

  • To be happy with my life, and to take better care of myself.
    Trema Cote

  • Strengthen family ties
    Ava Banks

  • To live an uncluttered, healthier, happier life
    Susan Barber

  • To help a close friend out in any way possible
    Rusty K Duron

  • The typical resolution for most teen age girls is to lose weight. Every one is trying to compare themselves to the lates super model and trying to become the spitting image of who ever the fad is. My resolution this year is not to allow myself to become so wound up in become socitally perfect, that I become unhealthy, or not myself. To remain healthy and my own person. Everyone was born with differnt looks, and body types. Why can't Americans celebrate that? It is a crime to be overweight, or not to have the facial features of some celebrity or even to be too thin. My resoution is to pull myself away from that as much as I possibly can.
    Jessica Panos

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