Golden Glow Lipsticks

These lipsticks are part of their newest collection of Golden Glow lipsticks. There is a touch of gold in every shade with the long-lasting Taut formula. Choose from G1 (a pure golden look) G2 (a coppery tone), G3 (Coral), G4 (rich mauve), G7 (a mix of mocha and mauve, G6 (bronze), G7 (hint of rose) or G8 (a light brown tone). Mates

Now this is an interesting product. Now you can MATE your lips and cheeks for perfect "color harmony". Lipstick and blush in one designed with colors safe for both lip and cheek. Will not stian cheeks or clog pores. "Color Harmony" comes together when your cheek color and lip colors are the same. With MATES, you use the same product for these two areas. Use directly on the lips as with any lipstick, then with your fingertips, apply some of the MATES color to your cheeks. You now have color harmony. MATES are available in Natural, Chocolate, Cashew, Pink, Coral, Brick, Burgundy, and Mahogany. Taut Skincare and Cosmetics