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My name is Melissa Cameron and I am an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics. I have been a consultant since August 6, 1999, and am loving my career! Mary Kay is a career because you are doing something you love and making a great income while doing it. It is not a JOB which I define as a place you HAVE to go in order to get minimal pay. I spend about 10 hours a week working on my business and I have tried various types of advertising. My favorite is web pages and free internet classifieds. There are so many opportunities on the net these days and you can really get great responses. I also like to promote my business by having Open Houses and Glamour workshops. This is nice because it is laid back and the ladies can just stop over and do a little shopping. I love the products. They have really made a difference in my skin. That is also a great way to advertise. Wear the products all the time and wear my MK pin. I also hand out business card! s to the checkout lady at the store, family, friends, etc. I even place one in my bills or bank deposits! The biggest mistake I ever made in my business is almost giving it up. I was ill and having a rough time running it for a while. What I do that most motivates me is attend my weekly meetings. My Director is very uplifting and she makes me feel like I can do anything. I am a one woman show, however, I am never on my own, if that makes sense. I run it my way, but always have the support of my sister consultants to guide me if I am having a bad day. Contests are a great thing to do. It encourages home shows and sales plus bookings for future shows. I am working on one now where the hostess with the highest sales at her show wins a free product. This is my first one. Any of these things can greatly increase your customer base. I hope I helped out.


Melissa's Page set up with tips and such to help out other Mary Kay Reps.
Melissa's Second Page set up with tips and such to help out other Mary Kay Reps.