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Image courtesy Nancy's Costume Shop

While this photo is of a little girl, it would be very easy to adapt it for an adult. Here's how.


  • White blouse with very full sleeves.

  • Full lenght black "satin" skirt. If you don't have one handy, a thrift shop might be a great place to look. As an alternative to black, you could choose any rich color. An emerald green or a ruby skirt would look equally effectove

  • A silky scarf that covers most of the head as shown in the photo.

  • Lots of gold bangles, chains and a pair of gold dangling earrings.

  • Most gypsies go about barefoot, but a pair of ballet slippers might be a wise choise.


You will find complete makeup instructions for creating your "Gypsy Face" at the link below.
How To Create a Gypsy Face


You have lots of possibilities here. If you have long hair, blow dry it straight, but add some curl to the ends with the help of a large barreled curling iron.

*Photo reprinted with permission of Nancy Rodgers

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